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If you want to hold on to a little of the magic of your journey to the mythical mountain of the Centaurs and the Argonauts, we invite you to participate in our traditional Greek cooking lessons.

The gastronomy, culture and natural landscape of Pelion will follow you back home through the traditional aromas and flavours of this region of Greece.

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Our restaurant

Our restaurant is for people who care about their food.

There are two secrets to our cuisine. The simple quality of our recipes and the natural ingredients, using locally-sourced meat and fresh vegetables from the kitchen gardens of the area.

You will find pies made with traditional homemade pastry, a variety of casseroles and oven-baked dishes, grilled meats, soups and pasta.

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Kritsa Gastronomy Hotel

An enchanting destination for every season of the year

Welcome to magnificent Pelion. In the central square of Portaria, amidst the blooming hydrangeas, the ancient plane trees, and the running waters from the mountain springs, our hotel offers you warm Greek hospitality.

The combination of its romantic rooms, its famous Greek breakfast, as well as the traditional flavours of our restaurant, is an authentic experience. Come and enjoy our hospitality! Experience unforgettable moments with endless walks to explore our magical mountain.

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Karaiskos Farm

It all starts in the kitchen garden. Fresh fruits and vegetables, inspired dishes, cooking lessons, family moments, a cosy room, outdoor activities and parties. With emphasis on true taste and respect on the enviroment.

Welcome and be our guests...

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Aeriko cafe bar

Aeriko stands a bit further up from magical Portaria shaping its own myth.

It stands on grounds that literally seem flying on air, like a genuine fairy, above the city of Volos with a wonderful breathtaking view of the city and the slopes of Pelion, it looks as if it got out of a fairy-tale to captivate you

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Agora 1955

Delicatessen shop in the center of Portaria.
Breakfast with a variety options, excellent coffee, homemade Greek donuts “loukoumades” and home-made drinks.
For brunch, lunch or dinner, excellent food options, original cocktails and a rich wine list.
Market of local products with cellar of local wines

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